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Default Re: The Hunting/Shooting Thread

Originally Posted by snake slinger View Post
got to shoot a couple of rounds of trap with mrs daignault today she is a great shot.the pics of the wild boar were great.
I don't know who you are. You should bring yourself to my attention when you go to Wallum Lake.

I had a nice morning there today. Dick Hewett says that he has never known anyone to get the preventive maintenence I had tht didn't come out ahead. A couple of the gang had coronary by-pass and said they nevr regretted it. I'm still scared stiff of my prognosis but the reassurances from the guys take a lot of the edge off. I had more pleasure than if I had shot. I was quite surprised with the interest so many showed in the boar hunt. Usually, I dislike pontificating but there was so much interest. Big concern is being ready for next week's RI muzzleloader. I don't think I will be ready for even an easy hunt. Its just too soon.

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