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I have a seen a lot of former commercials give it up for good. They can't go back to sport fishing. Many never came back from the moratorium. Also, the regulations since the moratorium for commercials do not allow much slack only tempt people to cheat. My wife has never recovered and only fishes if I happen to need a fish for eating; even then, she will suit up and sit in the buggy playing oldies or sleep in the stones. sometimes, after I have determined the potential for a good one, she will fish so that we can get some action film. It is like there is no returning from being a commercial. It is like a person is ruined once they have tasted the high drama of catching hundred dollar fish. I see "Joe Crow" of the Eastern Tides book a lot and he just laments the old days. Seeing him it is like a funeral, like something is dead. All he does is those 'remember the time?' post mortems. I have it a little bit but I see any fishing as a chance to get material for my writing. We are all inexorably altered by the commercial thing. Perhaps it is some kind of punishment, some kind of payback for what we did.
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