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Default Re: The 2015 New York Baseball Thread

Originally Posted by billwrubel View Post
and he starts his slide past the bag...look at his knees; look where he is sliding, not at the bag; my take is in slide one he goes for the bag and its OK; slide 2 his interest is hitting the player and its that intent that says a little dirty..that is a football block; remember, he thought he was already out;
I give up... If you ask an umpire, well they tried that already

I mean he's trying to take out the fielder, that's the whole point, and having that arm out by definition
Means he's going for the bag.

Interference? I could grant maybe, and I say maybe only having now looked at this and a bunch of similar plays.

Taking out the player, yes, that's what he's trying to do. In both cases and probably a hundred more by Utley and historically most aggressive base runners.

Edit: ok by "taking out" it is understood that this is sweeping feet out or disrupting...not outright tackle. Perhaps more tomorrow, but for now... Go Mets
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