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Default Re: Policy Discussion ....


I read every post in this thread, yes it took a while. There were many many valid points as to the decline in surf fishing and possibly the site traffic. From a noobs point of view, ART really hit the nail on the head and a few others when they spoke of instant gratification. This relates to Chris Garrity's post too, about being skunked.
That instant gratification desire outweighs the desire to grow as a fishermen. I have left many day trips empty handed but I still keep coming back, to different locations of course. I feel younger people don't have perseverance to make it through those days of getting up early, enduring what mother nature has in store, and driving home with nothing.
With all of the above, it is increasing difficult to find quality locations to fish because of a variety of reasons.
On a out of state trip during the summer, I spent more time looking for places to fish, than fishing itself, because of surfers and beach goers, but this will not deter me from the over all goal.
It appears many new members are looking for that one bit of info about a lure, location, and not the desire to grow as a fisherman.
I also feel many new people don't post because they don't want to ask a stupid question, or get told something they don't want to hear. I think with age you realize you will ask stupid questions, and learn to live with it.
As it relates to what you are doing wrong.....
You are doing nothing wrong. To me, this is and excellent forum for learning.
I am thankful to learn from you, RobS, HookI, Captain Ahab, Jess, and the many others who have chimed in on the threads I have started.
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