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Default Re: Policy Discussion ....

Understood Frank I was being silly...see what happens when you have a few scotches and post. I should have said- " imagine what would happen if we had a thread where you have to have a few drinks and then post" I still like to think if some of the boys had a few drinks at the bar we would have a good time though, just not on line and in writing- that was not smart to put it up for what seemed like serious consideration-my goof! Putting your head through the hole in the tent continues to be a funny way to explain what you do when you post here...and it's your tent in Bobby D's "circus" we call Striper Surf. Still a great place to talk fishing. Never thought I would do this computer stuff and now I enjoy it and our members. You are the sage of online pitfalls because you have been through it and then some. Sometimes things get too dramatic and people over react for sure...
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