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Default Re: July & August Fishing Reports 2017

oh yeah, owner or gami hooks... for me 4/0 seems to be the sweet spot, but I also like the "thin wire" strong version, not those honking thick "bait" hooks... just saying.

One more thing: check your line, check it often, and oh yeah, check your line. You're looking for *any* frays or scrapes and for good knots after you've had your bait stolen for the 27th time.

Remember, the big ones don't get big by being stupid.

And JB is obviously the master here, I'm just adding a few things...

edit: throw in a "report" here:

7 dozen+ in about 45 minutes. Chowdah to little neck and all sizes in between

Greenheads tried to carry me away a few times.
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