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Default Re: NPS Beach Night Driving Restriction

Originally Posted by Frank Daignault View Post
We have them all over the country riding horseback in uniforms with guns they don't know how to use.

As you stated, the NPS practiced on Cape Cod...............

"Back in the day", (late 70's/early 80's), we were fishing at Long Point. As this was after the NPS closed off Wood End to OSV, we used a fourteen foot semi-vee (as a taxi) to get out to Long Point. Beached the boat and started fishing. Here comes the Gestapo (NPS), on horseback, and they both really did look like Gestapo! Hitler-style black boots, dark black sunglasses, military creases on their uniforms, and overkill sidearms

They ride up, literally within feet of us, and stated we cannot be "camping" here. My response: "We are not camping; we are fishing." Bottom line: we had to leave

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