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Don't get me wrong! Over the years, I've seen thousands of people bass fishing that have all dissapeared for whatever reason. However, in the case of "Chuck", this was a "hard core", knowledgable, seasoned, "50 SLAYER" (like me and you) who just gave it up. I have to look at Chuck as one of "Me", and I can't see myself giving it up.
Sure, I've changed, evolved; I don't fish the beach as much as I would like to, even though I PREFER" to fish the beach. As the boat is so much more efficient and my time is so limited, I almost "HAVE" to boat fish to justify going out at all! Where I live, the nearest places to have a "reasonable" chance to catch a respectible fish from the beach are at least 45 minutes away (1.5 hours roundtrip). Often, that is the entire amount of time I have for a personal outing, the boat is right in front of my house, blah, blah, blah....
I do "intend" to to get back on the beach when my "working years" slow down (I might even move to "The Cape"). I dream of the days when I can fish every night of the week, all night, just like I used to when we fished together. Chuck "intends" to not fish at all! JC
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