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Classifieds: Buy - Sell - Trade Sell your stuff, Buy more stuff or Trade it for a Six Pack.

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Old 01-20-2011, 09:14 PM
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Exclamation Protocol - Read Before Posting Here!

StriperSurf.com, its Publisher, Administrators and Moderators disclaim all responsibility for any transaction facilitated by posting on this forum. Both the Buyer and Seller Beware!

This forum is for
contributing members of StriperSurf.com.

A "contributing member" posting in this forum must:

- Have at least ten (10) posts (not counting posts in this forum).

- Have been registered for least five (5) days in advance.
- Provide your full name, and address. That includes street, town, state, zip code and telephone number in your personal Profile. That information can only be viewed by you and the Administrators and Moderators. If it is not provided your post will be deleted. We randomly call sellers to verify their information and please note your computer's IP number should match your location.


1: All sales on this forum are for Non-Commercial items. All commercial sales posts will be deleted without notice.

  • If you are attempting to sell multiple items, say 3, 4 5 or 6+ fishing reels, all "never used" or "slightly used" that's a sure sign of a commercial sale.
  • If you build a product in your workshop and sell it for profit it is commercial.
2: All offers must include an asking price in US Dollars. This must be stated as "Price $xx.xx or Best Offer." 'Best offer' without an asking price is not allowed. 'Email if interested,' 'Email for details,' 'PM if interested' are not permissible.

3. Private Messages (PMs): the use of Private Messages to buy, sell, trade or solicit is expressly forbidden.

4. Each contributing member is limited to three (3) active threads at any one time.

5. Sales and Announcements of sales, re-directing the reader to posts on other websites, or trade shows, yard/garage sales, flea markets, retail stores, online stores, eBay and other sales outlets is forbidden.

6. All items offered for sale or trade must be
fully described. You may upload images to include with your post.

7. You are expressly
forbidden to offer for sale any items or make any solicitations that may violate New Jersey law and Federal law. Seller must specifically conform to Federal Interstate Commerce regulations. Sellers are responsible to verify that the item they wish to sell does not violate NJ or Federal law or is prohibited by Interstate Commerce regulations.

Specifically Forbidden:
  • All weapons including revolvers (pistols), rifles, shotguns, muzzle loaders, air guns and sling shots, etc.
  • Ammunition, bullets, black powder, percussion caps, balls, sabots, magazines, clips, and firearm components. (Non-lethal firearm accessories including Rifle ONLY telescopic sights are acceptable)
  • Knives with a blade length over five (5) inches.
  • Real estate including Land, Houses, Buildings, Condos, Townhomes, and ALL Time Sharing, Rentals and Leaseholds.
  • Sales of items that are not your personal property. Example: Your mother-in-laws 1992 Toyota Celica may not offered for sale here.
  • Offers for Sports, Concert or Entertainment Event Tickets, including ALL Drawings, Raffles, etc.
  • All software, including "gaming" software.
8. Sellers Responsibilities:
  • Sellers must describe the item for sale properly to avoid any buyer complaints of misrepresentation. State Model/Part Number when available and it would be a good idea to specify the model year or year of purchase.
  • Sellers should know the buyer before shipping the item.
  • Sellers are responsible for shipping, including goods lost in shipment, damaged goods and non-delivery. Sellers should use delivery services that provide proof of delivery and or signature. US Postal Service Priority Mail, DHL, FedEx, UPS all provide that information.
  • Sellers should not consider a sale "completed" until delivery to the Buyer has been made and the Buyer has acknowledged his/her acceptance in writing, e.g. by email.
9: Buyers Responsibilities:
Buyers must act in good faith and fulfill their purchase obligations within a reasonable period of time, e.g. 1 week or less; unless previously agreed by the Seller.
Any problems with a purchase are strictly between the Buyer and Seller to settle.

  1. The use of Hypertext Mark Up Language (HTML, XHTML), embedded video and Flash code and/or JavaScript (JS) in this forum is prohibited.
  2. Posts should start with the acronyms "WTS" - Want to Sell, "WTB" - Want to Buy or "WTT" - Want to Trade.
  3. Check your post carefully before clicking the Submit/Post button, we do not provide "editing" service.
  4. When a transaction is completed the person who originated the thread must post an appropriate notice, SOLD, WITHDRAWN FROM SALE, etc. Open, inactive threads more than two weeks old will be locked and/or deleted.
  5. StriperSurf.com, its Publisher, Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to deny posting privileges in this or any forum without notification.
  6. By accessing, posting and/or using this forum and this site you evidence your approval and acceptance of the TERMS OF USE.
  7. Sellers or Buyers who "stiff" a member of StriperSurf will be banned and have a rotting dead fish wrapped in a newspaper dropped off on their door stoop or worse.
Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. If you are not sure if the item you want to sell is permitted in this forum, ask first. Email: damico (at) stripersurf (dot) com. Any post the Administrators or Moderators feel does not meet the standards stipulated above will be deleted without notice.

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