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Old 06-27-2010, 08:10 PM
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Default Fishermen harassment maybe?

So I was fishing off of a popular public fishing pier on the north shore of MA today for a couple of hours and all seemed well. The pier is dotted with no casting signs but people tend to disregard them, and I'd never noticed anyone enforcing the no casting signs. I'm guessing the no casting signs are because of the boat owners around there not wanting their boat getting hit, but I do obey the no casting signs anyway in my opinion because there are always kids running around looking into peoples' buckets. Instead of overhead or sideways casting I get right up on the rail and pitch baits out from under the pier to get it into the current. Apparently after a while the men on the boat socializing decided I was getting too close to their boat so one of them began yelling that there was no casting allowed. I ignored him and continued pitching my sabiki rig off the pier like I was doing but after a while a man came out of the boat and began walking towards me. I knew he'd been sent to talk to me so I waited for him and when he got to me he pulled out a card and showed it to me, I got his name. The card said he was a mechanic for the harbor but apparently it gave him the right to began telling everyone on the pier that there was absolutely no casting or pitching or anything. I then asked to see his card again and informed him that the card said he was a mechanic and had no authority to enforce any rules. I told him it was illegal to harass fishermen who are engaged in lawful fishing techniques and he said it didn't apply to them even though there is a sign on the entrance telling people to enjoy the public dock. He then tried to get my name and I informed him I was under no obligation to provide anyone my name not even police because I was not breaking any laws, wasn't trespassing, hadn't hit any boats, and there was no probable cause for anything. He informed me that if I hit a boat I'd be arrested and sent to jail, seems a little extreme because people don't go to jail for simple accidents like car accidents. I then told him he was just a mechanic again and he got on the phone with some people asking them to come down and explain the rules to us, there were a couple other fishermen there who had been fishing just like i was and they were arguing with the mechanic over the no casting rule. I then got my stuff together and left before anyone arrived not wanting to cause problems and have NO FISHING signs posted everywhere next time I fished. As I walked off the men in the boat asked where I was going and I told them I was coming back the next day. I will be going back but I was wondering if there were any papers I could print off the internet incase this happens again or should I just find a new place to fish. If it was a private dock I would understrand but by the looks of it the local boat club doesn't want people on the public dock casting. This is in Beverly on the beverly bridge pier off of 107. This is all I could find.
Massachusetts Harassment prohibited Interference with taking. No person may willfully interfere with the lawful hunting, fishing or trapping of a wild animal, wild bird or fish. Disturbing wild animals, wild birds or fish. No person may willfully disturb or attempt to disturb a wild animal, wild bird or fish with the intent to interfere with the hunting, fishing or trapping of them.
Violation. A violation of this section is a civil violation for which a forfeiture of not less than $100 nor more than $500 may be adjudged. Property rights otherwise provided by law. This chapter shall not be construed in any way to limit the ownership use, access or control of property rights otherwise provided by law.
1983, c. 366.
? 7542. Injunction; damages
Injunction. The District Court or Superior Court may enjoin conduct which would be in violation of section 7541 upon petition by a person affected or who reasonably may be affected by the conduct, upon a showing that the conduct is threatened or that it has occurred on particular premises in the past and that it is not unreasonable to expect that under similar circumstances it will be repeated.
1983, c. 366.

Anything else I can find?
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Old 07-09-2010, 03:20 AM
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Default Re: Fishermen harassment maybe?

I am not sure what the laws are involving this, but I do know the complaints are starting to mount against the harbor master and the black cow owner who is responsible for having the pier closed to ?accommodate? his wishes. There are already several articles showing up on the Beverly newspaper site, see http://blogs.salemnews.com/beverly/2...still-on-hold/
I think the time has come for everyone who enjoys fishing from the pier to make their voices heard and call the mayor?s office to complain and demand the pier be reopened to fishing.
[FONT='Calibri','sans-serif']By the way, was on the pier the night this happened and saw the way they treated you. The guy was completely out of line and acted like he had some type of authority over the dock, which of course he doesn?t. You should contact the mayor?s office and file a complaint for the treatment you received.[/font]
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