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Old 05-12-2014, 03:03 AM
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Exclamation Slow access to StriperSurf

For the past 10 days the website has been experiencing very poor loading performance, "slow as a snail" or if you recall the good old days of the early 1990's, "slow as a 9600 baud telephone dial up modem"

I don't know how many hours I've spent mostly during the middle of the night trying to "fix" this issue. What has made it extremely frustrating is that SSc is located on a Dedicated Server. That means SSc and a few other sites I own are the only websites on the server versus the majority of websites which are on "shared servers." On a shared server many different websites share the CPU chip, RAM, & core operating software "engines."

At 1:12 AM today I sent a Tech Support request to the company whom I lease the server from, stating that I am at my wits end and politely reminding them that I have been a customer for over 10 years.

Magically StriperSurf is now running faster than I've seen it in months although I'm leery that that the speed will decrease over a period of days, if not hours.

Yesterday I dropped +$750 ordering the latest and greatest version of the Forums software, professional installation and technical support.

I have not decided exactly when the new Forums software will be installed. I first need to decide whether or not to drop my current Dedicated Server provider and find a new one. That is always a crap shoot, everyone promises the moon but reliability is the key issue.

StriperSurf may not be accessible for a day or two because the whole process is tricky due to the size of the site and the large archives including thousands of images, we don't want to lose anything.
  • The NEW Forums will look different, just the standard colors and layouts until customization is done. That could take days or weeks?
  • The NEW Forums will still operate the same way but there may be some changes.
  • The NEW Forums will include a Mobile version which is specifically designed to be easily read and used on a smartphone or tablet.

I appreciate everyone's patience recently and hope you will hang in there while SSc "morphs" into a whole new website.
Bob D'Amico

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