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Default Need Hook Info

I'm looking to tie my own teasers and tail hooks sugestions on best bulk sites for hooks THANKS

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Default Re: Need Hook Info

VMC open eye Siwash hooks.
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Default Re: Need Hook Info

What kind of numbers you talking about?
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Default Re: Need Hook Info

This is an unfair question.

What are you fishing for?
When do you fish?
How do you fish?
What do you fish with?
The easy answer is buy them from Bob's Trophy Rigs.
As stated above, VMCs are good, but if you want bulk, ask yourself why bulk is what you want?
Are you ready to tie only one size, only to find that you should have bought only ten packs of each three sizes larger and three sizes smaller then what you wanted?
Are you a good enough tier to tie a lot of the same size?

I went the direction of buying a lot of hooks, I am not trying to say bulk is the worst way to go, but consider why you want them. IMO, buy them from a BandT in smaller packs, help the locals, and ask them to give info on how to tie/use/fish them properly for the area you are fishing(they all love to talk about fishing when money is being spent). You will do much better then when buying a fifty pack from some one on the web that you will never talk to in person.

Good Luck, Dave S
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