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Old 04-05-2020, 10:15 AM
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Default Re: Is Trump Your President?

Trump Derangement Syndrome and The Wuhan Virus

Long before the current pandemic, another disease was infecting American. It corroded our response system and made us blind to the real crisis ahead.

While China was implementing large-scale lockdowns, the White House had to focus on fending off a partisan impeachment. As the Wuhan virus continued its rapid spread across China at the start of the new year, Congress was locked in a bitter battle over whether the Senate trial would feature new witnesses who had not testified in the House during a rushed process.

The Trump administration, however, was far from the only government institution distracted by impeachment.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has paralyzed our federal government. Rather than remaining vigilant in our preparedness to combat a common enemy, Democrats in Congress focused solely on removing the president from office, trying everything in their power to delegitimize Trump?s triumphant 2016 victory.

They?ve advocated for the destruction of the constitutionally created Electoral College. They?ve claimed Trump?s win was a result of ?fake news.? They?ve claimed Russia ?hacked? the election. With the help of the media also suffering from ?Orange Man Bad? disease, they came up with an elaborate conspiracy theory alleging that Trump colluded with the Russian government to defeat Hillary Clinton.

All of this was before Trump even took office. Just minutes after Trump took the vow of office, the Washington Post declared, ?The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.?

While in office, Democrats came up with 86 reasons to impeach the president. They charged that Trump should be impeached for implementing travel bans. They charged that Trump should be impeached over alleged violations of the Emoluments Clause. They charged that Trump should be impeached for firing former FBI Director James Comey.

And they charged that Trump should be impeached for supposedly working with the Russians to capture the White House even after a two-year special counsel investigation with unlimited resources found no one on the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russian government. After the spectacular failure of the grand Russian collusion conspiracy theory through the Robert Mueller report, Democrats charged that the president ought to be impeached anyway.

At the end of last summer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally decided to pursue impeachment over a phone call with the Ukrainian president, where Democrats alleged Trump withheld nearly $400 million in military aid in exchange for politically motivated investigations into the Joe Biden family.

Congress, the White House, and the media focused on little else other than Democrats? impeachment proceedings from their beginning in September to their conclusion in February, after dedicating wall-to-wall coverage of every other impeachment attempt launched by Democrats in the preceding months.

The Trump era has been defined by useless attempts to undermine Trump?s authority.

The White House cannot be a scapegoat to blame the failures of the federal government in its response to the virus. A distracted Congress and a complicit media are just as guilty of concentrating on partisan impeachment efforts launched by Democrats rather than productive government oversight that could have raised the alarm about the nation?s preparedness to fight a pandemic.

Did the partisan fight to remove President Trump weaken our country in the face of the Chinese Virus?

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Prepare for the worst and you won't be disappointed.
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Old 04-05-2020, 10:55 AM
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Default Re: Is Trump Your President?

Yes, I was thinking the same thing; that instead of defending Trump from impeachment, we should have been watching the spread of the virus. I think the Conservatives are holding all the ammo for nearer to the November election. Then, just when people are getting ready to vote, let all the cats out of the bags.
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