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Old 10-25-2005, 08:40 PM
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Thumbs up Report from last Sun-Mon. from IBSP...

What a great freakin' trip. I got down there Sun. night about 11pm, and was on the beach by 12am. Myself and Bennyraw fished the pocket and then wound up at area 11. We were primarily soakin' clams. Eventually we started picking up croakers, and in the early morning I got 1, 24" bass on clams. He just barely touched the 24" mark so I let him go. With the weather forcast I knew I was in for some more fish. So after daylight, nothin' at all was doin'. Shipwreck caught up with us and he hooked a couple schoolies as well. So Sun. was real slow. I plugged and threw the flyrod hard most of the day as the water was layed down nice, but to no avail. So Benn caught back up with me for Sunset, and to soak clams through high tide which was at about 12ish I think. Here's where it gets good. The fire was thick as I've ever seen it out front. The fishin' was slow, and I decided to regroup. I took a walk from the high water mark down to the incoming water, and paid close attention to the down slope of the beach. The trough we were on was deep, and almost straight down. As I was looking closely at the shoreline roller, as that was the only wave, I noticed it was scouring the bottom, and with the fire I could see all the sand working up. It then dawned on me that this is the only easy meal around as it was the only wave, and I was hooking sand fleas on my flies, at my feet, earlier in the day. So I watched where the sand and fire stopped as the water retreated, and it happened to be were I would consider the bottom of the trough to be. So I called Ben over to look at the fire and explained my thought that if there were fish around they would most likely be inhaling whatever gets scoured up. I told him I'm gonna' put my cast 15' off the beach. He shrugged his shoulders, and said it's worth a shot. So I take my 12' ugly stick and plop a cast just on the other side of the glowing wash line, and spiked my rod. Not having much attention span I decided to photograph the fire. Now here's some food for thought on light sources and stripers. The only way I could get my camera to capture the fire was to use the flash in nightime mode, and it was dark. So twice I flashed the water, and was happy with the second result. I turned my back to Benn's rigs, but took the picture right by where I just cast. I called Benn over to look at the image of the fire, and just as he started to look at it all hell broke loose with my rod, it was freakin' out. I was using 13\0 circles, so once it went down it wasn't comin' back up. I grabbed the rod and shortly landed a nice 27" low end bass. He's dinner for NWB tonight!!! So my gut hunch to drop right behind the scouring wave paid off, and I didn't spook everything out with my flash. Go figure. After Benn took my picture for this post, I gut the fish to see its stomach contents. I have never seen such a distended stomach on a fish. It had 4 mullet heads, 5 big sand fleas, 2 big surf clams with lips and scallops attached, 3 small calicos, and 3 or 4 partially digested bait fish, and then he took my clam. So this fish was vaccuum cleaning. I would have to imagine that after the blow on sat-sun. everything was full.
About Mid-night I went back to Benn's to get some rest, and check the weather forcast. It was perfect!!! We made plans to be on the water for 9am mon. which was the forcast wind shift to the Nor-east. Well it came around before we got there, but it was light ENE. We set up just south of the drive on at gilli's. It was the only bar on the beach for miles, that had breaking water, a point attached to land, and a trough with a north rip running along the back edge of the bar, and noone fishing there. Knowing the weather was gonna' deteriorate, and seeing already breaking water with a big rip and deep trough, we knew we were gonna' get fish at some point in the day. Shortly after arriving bait shows up, with fish working on it, moving north. Nothing doing as they moved off. Now I ran to get coffe and more clams, and apparantley while I was gone a huge pod of bait moved in with a blitz brigade, and mobbed Benn who was in the right spot to begin with. Oh well I'm glad I got coffe and the dolphin just unloaded sacks of fresh clam. I get back and Benn had to run out for a short time. About 15min. after he left, I was hooked up. The fish was 25". Now here's the kicker. I had my 27" fish from the previous morning in my cooler. Albeit it was a new day, had I harvested that fish I would essentially be in possesion of too many fish. It kinda' sucked but oh well. I figured it would look good as a roll over fish in Linesider53's cooler someday!!!
I called Benn and told him it was worth coming back because I was getting knock downs like mad, and they were nice pops too! As soon as Benn comes back I'm hooked up with another fish about 25". I showed Benn the edge water I was working, and about 5min. after he arrived, he was hooked up. His fish was over 24", but we knew we were gonna' catch so he let it go too. So as the day progressed, we ran low on clams but were having hits. I told Benn, last cast no bait left. I put my cast out, and spiked the rod. I begin to clean up my stuff and bang fish on. So I landed another about 25" fish. I did give that one to Benn, for his hospitality. So all in all it was a hoot. Mon's weather was text book fall striper conditions. A building Nor east blow, with seas following suit, and snot bearin' down. Failure was not an option. In those conditions, I expect to catch fish, unfortuneately being three hours away, I don't hit them often.

In the images I atteched, there is a cod\hake like fish Benn caught... What is it? He released it not knowing what it was or regs. on it, but just by touching it you could tell it would be awesome on the table. The rest of the images are self explanatory.

Be patient, the run hasn't even started yet. Bring on the cold!!!

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Old 10-25-2005, 09:23 PM
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Thumbs up Re: Report from last Sun-Mon. from IBSP...

Nice work fish tank, it looks like a speckle trout to me ??
So happy to know you got in to some good fishing, we also fished Monday as sick as I was we had a blast, nothing but slot fish , we lost count ,
Glad you got a picture of the water, my camera wouldn't take it ..
it was just beautiful, as the waves came in you can see the water light up for as far as you can see, it was weird wasn't it ??
Nice Pictures .
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Old 10-25-2005, 09:31 PM
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Default Re: Report from last Sun-Mon. from IBSP...

Looks like a spotted hake, relative of ling. Generally don't see them much bigger than that as opposed to the rest of the hake family(squirrel, white, etc). Probably tastes just like ling

That was a great read!!!
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Old 10-25-2005, 10:38 PM
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Default Re: Report from last Sun-Mon. from IBSP...

It's nice when you time it right. Those flies are sweet nice work. That pic of the water is awesome.
"People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity,no matter how impressive their other talents" Andrew Carnegie
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Old 10-25-2005, 11:25 PM
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Thumbs up Re: Report from last Sun-Mon. from IBSP...

Originally Posted by gottog
Looks like a spotted hake, relative of ling. Generally don't see them much bigger than that as opposed to the rest of the hake family(squirrel, white, etc). Probably tastes just like ling

That was a great read!!!
spotted hake oppppps
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Old 10-26-2005, 12:06 AM
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Default Re: Report from last Sun-Mon. from IBSP...

as always a GREAT report, good pics.

I haven't done an extended bait trip in a while, but you make it sound tempting
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Old 10-26-2005, 07:05 AM
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Default Re: Report from last Sun-Mon. from IBSP...

Hey Tank

Nice post. It was tough leaving sunday. I knew sooner or later the west wind would turn. I was with my sick son on monday and I truly do not know who felt worse. I was watching the weather channel and was almost jumping out of my skin.
I askrd it in an earlier post... Is it worse to be oblivious to a good opprotunity and suffer none, or be able to identify the favorable conditions and be UNable to get to them??????

Thanks for the call on monday night, it at least confirmned my hunch

Give me a shout next time, I am trying to stay over night this weekend. I also want to get out back REAL bad.

Thanks again for all your help
"The Wheel is Turning and You Can't Slow it Down."
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Old 10-26-2005, 07:27 AM
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Default Re: Report from last Sun-Mon. from IBSP...

my girlfriend caught one of those spotted hake sunday night i thought it was a ling i was surprised to it goin out tonight any one else......bty guppie i love your site great reports,updates,games ect...i played the survivor fishing all day yesterday gotta fish some how
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