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Old 07-13-2009, 02:53 PM
Goofy Goofy is offline
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Exclamation airing down

still kinda new at beach buggy and was wondering does airing up and down reduce the life of valve stems significantly? i was advised to bring extra valves and a tool for them. but would a metal valve stem be a better choice for a buggy than a rubber one? when i air up/down the stem seems to wobble side to side and i am curious if a smaller one or metal one. any opinions?
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Old 07-13-2009, 03:55 PM
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Default Re: airing down

my opinion is no. I had BFG's which I ran for 90000 miles, airing up and down and never replaced a valve stem.

One thing I did carry though, like you mentioned, is a stem valve tool ( to tighten the valve itself )cause I have had times when the little valve inside has loosened and being able to tighten it down saved me a few times. Joe
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Old 07-13-2009, 07:13 PM
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Default Re: airing down

Tire valves are made of rubber that's why they wobble.
Your not going to be able to replace one without braking down the beed on the tire. The valve is installed from the inside of the rim and pulled out through the hole in the rim.

If the valves were replaced when the tire was replace it should exceed the life of the tire. Generally the only time they go bad if from dry rot.
I air up over 100 times a season, never had a problem.

Keeping a few extra valve cores a tool to replace them and some spare caps is always a good idea.

The newer vehicles have air pressure sensor's / transmitters in the valve so hang onto your shorts when you need to replace them. BIG $$$$
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Old 07-13-2009, 07:26 PM
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Default Re: airing down

Both Joe and Jess are right about carrying extra stems and the tool .3 weeks ago, I had to take some extra air out while on Brigantines beach. While airing back up, I heard the dreaded hissing noise coming from the valve . Late Sun evening, no place open, with the camper on, so changing the tire would have been a PIA. Cranked the cap down as hard as I could and hoped to make it home. Paid $1.98 for the valve tool and fixed the leak in 10 seconds. Good Luck, Joe.
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Old 07-14-2009, 04:45 PM
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Default Re: airing down

Never had a problem with stem's on the tires on my buggy, and they have almost 100,000 miles on them. I used to air down/up almost daily, but now it's just for the beach, I live close, so they stay aired down. The valve tightening tool Joe, Joe and Jess mentioned is a good idea also, along with a couple extra valves though.
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Old 07-20-2009, 01:49 PM
Goofy Goofy is offline
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Location: New Jersey
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Default Re: airing down

thank you it looks like i am going to hit the local parts store before i go back down.
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