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Default jointed popper

i came up with this idea one nite that what if there was a popper that kicked side to side like a jointed swimmer but stayed on top and popped like a popper. so i went ahead with my dremel and my drill and went to town. well after testing it it works exactly the way i wanted it to. it pops real nice and swims on top. im also working on a 3 piece popper that so far from what i see in testing it works even better then the 2 piece. so here is the 2 piece and ill post pics of the 3 piece once its done.

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Default Re: jointed popper

How does it work? I can't see the extra work for a popper.
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Default Re: jointed popper

yea damn cell phone pics. the front section is a flared out popper head. it pops on the surface just like a popper would but instead of just being a one piece deal the tail section kicks out to one side or the other when you pop it. it looks really good to me. you pop it and the head pops and the tail looks like its swimming but dying.
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