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Old 10-24-2006, 02:07 AM
TurboDan212 TurboDan212 is offline
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Default Manasquan Inlet This Week

Hi Folks,

First post around here. Been a "lurker" for a while and have learned alot, but thought I would join up.

Been fishing since I was little, but usually it's been for fluke, sea bass, and the occasional weak. Have mostly been used to inshore bottom/wreck fishing. Now that Fall is here (and I was able to buy a small boat this past summer! ) I'd love to dig into stripers. I'm currently in college (at Monmouth), and continued doing alot of fluke/weak fishing this Fall since class schedules are pretty flexible.

I haven't gotten a chance to head out on the water in the past week, and it seems like the focus has shifted to stripers, especially since fluke season has ended. Except for just casting out on the beach, I've never really fished for them before, but I'd really love to try it out. I'm thinking of heading out tomorrow (well, today, it's 1:56AM) and plan to fish the Manasquan Inlet and am open to any part of the river, since that's where my boat is docked.

Any tips for a beginner? I think I'd like to use artificial bait for tomorrow, and I've heard that rubber shads with the jigs inside them have done people well. Is this correct, or should I be looking at something else for this area and time of season? I also heard that unlike bottom fishing, I shouldn't use sinkers, but just let the 1/2 or 3/4 ounce jigs do their thing. I also plan on using a rod with a spinning reel rather than the conventional that I use for fluke.

Also, any advice on location as far as the Manasquan River goes? I've heard that stripers like the flats and muscle beds, which is absolutely perfect for the geography right inside the inlet. Also hear that they like the rocks, so perhaps near the Rt. 35 and railroad bridges would be better? I only have a 16' aluminum boat, so dealing with the canal is a hastle with the currents and I'd rather avoid fishing in it since it turns into a chore with such a light boat.

Sorry for all the questions, but I'm a beginner at this and I can't wait to get out there and enjoy some chilly weather, strong winds, and hopefully a striper or two! It's my first Fall fishing from the boat and I'm determined to keep on fishing as long as I can stand it!
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Old 10-24-2006, 03:03 AM
BunkerChunker BunkerChunker is offline
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Default Re: Manasquan Inlet This Week

Hello Turbo Dan-

You are entering what I strongly consider the greatest hobby in the world... not just fishing... STRIPER fishing. It is a science, a dream, hope and determination.

First thing, experience is the greatest teacher... but at least I can pitch in with some basics for you to start off with. It seems that you have an idea about rods and reels... you must consider that a number of factors will influence the proper gear for the situation... but typically, and generally for bouncing a jig head around Squan river a medium action 7 foot rod with a reel that you feel comfortable with to fight 25"-30" Stripers... I prefer 15lb.Test line- (Ande Monofilament) for such a thing, with a 2 foot leader of 30-40 lb. test, barrel swivel up top, but make sure you tie the lure directly to the leader, that will increase your chances of a bite. Manasquan Inlet has been hit or miss for me throughout the years... once you understand tides and rip lines etc. you will have a better chance of catching there consistently. From experience there, if the bass are there, a lot of times they will school up in front of where the railing meets the jetty on the Squan side... I was most consistent about an hour after the tide changed to outgoing, but that will vary. You could throw a hundred lures at them, but the secret to Squan Inlet Bass are Fin-S! Def. get yourself a bag of 7 inch Fin-S, either white or that grey translucent color, I mean, again, there are a hundred factors that will influence the best lure for the situation, but generally- Fin-S is a killer in the inlet. Depending on how hard the tide is ripping I would either use a 1/2 oz. or 3/4 oz. triangle shaped jig head... you want the lure to drift slowly, sinking softly with the tide, let the tide take it but twitch it every now and then... if they are there you will get em! There are hundreds of good spots in the river... and out on the T-Rocks but they would costya an arm and a leg and a little more experience haha... but this spot will get ya started. Once you are comfortable with your boat, boat traffic... the river etc. livelining bunker/herring around the bridges will score huge sometimes Good luck my friend, anything to help someone get into the greatest hobby in the world
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Old 10-26-2006, 04:44 PM
TurboDan212 TurboDan212 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
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Default Re: Manasquan Inlet This Week

Bunker - Thanks SO much for the advice! Alot of great information in your post that I've been thinking about all week.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to head out on Tuesday, but tomorrow I have no school and no plans so I have the whole day to fish. I'll be in the inlet (or just inside) and using some of the techniques you mentioned.

I bought a bag on Fin-S fish, but I also bought 6" Tsunami Pro shad with the hook built right in on the advice of me neighbor. These Tsunami bait/lures look awesome! I think I'll try both tomorrow in different spots and see if I get any hits.

One other question - I'm also interested in blues. Are they around in the inlets too? Do they hit on the same bait as stripers, or should I use something different? Of the three rods I have, two have the proper test to be able to boat either a blue or striper, but one is a conventional reel. I'll be using the spinning reel for stripers, but maybe I can rig the conventional for blues?

Thanks again!
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