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I'm thinking about getting started plub building. What kind of wood is everybody using and what kind of paint.
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run. stop. go. dont do it
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Hi Riverfisher, let's handle the questions one at a time

Wood: for topwater lures like spooks or poppers you will do better with a lighter wook like cedar. For lures you want to get down some hard maple or birch is a good choice. * you will still need to make adjustments with weighting.

Paint: You can start out with a good oil sealant and then prime them with a good oil based primer. Finally go with oil based paint like Krylon or Rustolium. then top coat with either epoxi or 2 part urothane.

This is very very basic there are tons of info available in the archives that will be of big help to you just do a search in this section of the forum.

Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to email me at: armandt@atlanticoffshorelures.com

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Default Re: Help

lets not forget the 2nd or 3rd job to pay for your new addiction.

lol just playin with ya you will love it i do and cant think of many other hobbys as much fun .

and dont feal dumb asking questions we all do and some one will have the right answer for ya.

cant wait to see your first plug.

make two and send me one
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