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Old 02-23-2009, 12:32 PM
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Default NJ F&W FW Fisheries Forum - 2/28

The NJDEP's Division of Fish and Wildlife reminds anglers that there is a public forum to discuss
freshwater fisheries research and management,
culture and recreational angling in New Jersey on Saturday, February 28th beginning at 10:00 a.m.
The meeting will be held at the Batsto Village Visitors Center in Burlington County.

Topics to be discussed will include all aspects of freshwater fisheries management,
including both warmwater and coldwater fisheries. Professional staff from the Bureau of Freshwater Fisheries
will be on hand to answer questions and provide updates.

Pre-registration is not required but is appreciated, and will help ensure that all attendees can be accommodated.
Individuals can pre-register by calling 856-629-4950 or by sending an e-mail to Christopher.Smith@dep.state.nj.us.

Come on out and be an integral part in the development of future regulations and management strategies
affecting New Jersey's Freshwater Resources!

For more information about the forum, including directions and contact information,
visit http://www.njfishandwildlife.com/new...rumsouth09.htm on the division's Web site.


I actually plan on attending this (will be down that way this Saturday) if anyone
wants to meet up, PM or shoot an email.
-- Rob Switzer
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Old 03-01-2009, 07:28 PM
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Default Re: NJ F&W FW Fisheries Forum - 2/28

So, I went yesterday (I spend time down in the fine state of South Jersey a couple of days a week... so it was close... relatively speaking....)

The Forum was informative as always. Principle Fisheries Biologist Chris Smith gave a terrific warmwater presentation.
Updates on various states of fish ladder repairs, lake status, stocking approaches and most interesting was a discussion
on invasive species. After a clarification of the difference between Native and Non-Native species (the latter of which includes many
of our "game" fish... including LMB, SMB, Rainbows, Browns) Chris went on to describe a new, and for the moment contained,
invasive species: the Asian Swamp Eel. Looks more like a snake head with a pointed tail, these buggers grow up to 4' long, can
breath air and travel over land, and for the moment are contained in a pond ,and immediate impoundments up and downstream of the pond, in
Camden county
Plans are underway for mechanical (electofishing, netting, etc) and chemical removal (rotenone) of these buggers. You can
read more about them in the 09 digest.

The trout update included some summary information in addition to the handouts. One of my "home streams" got a decent bump
in the number of trout to be stocked... got me pumped for a few extra meals Ya know stocked trout are like potato chips... they'll
just make more!

Lisa Barno gave some very interest angler stats based in part on the data from the online license data over the past 3 years...
key point was that angler retention is a huge part of maintaining steady angler growth in the state, as they've found over
a 40% "churn" in licensed anglers (# of new vs # of last year licensees who didn't renew), yet with some growth over the past 3 years, overall.

Some Q&A followed including, not surprisingly, some discussion of the pending marine sw registry vs. a sw license can't get away from that
and a discussion of flounder regs (also came up) no matter that this was a Fresh Water Fisheries forum
-- Rob Switzer
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