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Old 02-21-2012, 11:33 PM
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Default New Owner of Jeep Cherokee XJ (tires and jacks)

I am a new XJ owner who has researched many sites to gain insights from those more experienced. Please, I have two basic questions regarding tires and the consequences of non-OE tires on a stock 2000 XJ Sport.

First for use on our Atlantic beaches, mostly IBSP but also MA down thru NC, is a 235/75 r15 (or similar such as 255/60) a much better choice than a 225/75 r15? The 225 is the OE size and I am trying to determine if the wider and taller tires are clearly superior on the beach without creating a new set of issues/problems. I know they will fit fine. The issues I am concerned about have more to do with the performance of the engine, etc.

For example, will the performance of the Jeep XJ with stock 3.55 gearing suffer using the up-sized tires? Is the difference so slight as to not warrant gear changing? What draw backs if any are there to using the wider and taller tires?

Regarding jacks on the beach what is suggested? Is the OE bottle jack sufficient? Thoughts on either larger/hydrualic bottle jacks vs. air bag jack and/or hi lift (farm) jacks?

I am excitedly looking forward to the 3/4 IBSP class and want to be as prepared as possible. I welcome any suggestions and reminders.

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Old 02-22-2012, 06:53 AM
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Default Re: New Owner of Jeep Cherokee XJ (tires and jacks)

The larger the tire the better it will work on the sand.
By you going for a 235/75 to a 255/60 will be wider but smaller overall.
You would need something like a 295/60 to be close to the same circumference.

Keep in mind when airing down it's not only about the width, the length of the tire also gets longer.
You can't notice the longer footprint from the tread marks however it makes a world of difference.

A handy tire size calculator can be found here - - > http://www.1010tires.com/TireSizeCal...bmit&reset=yes

For a performance issue, unless your adding a lift kit any tire you can put on it now should not be noticeably difference in performance.
It's not like your running the 1/4 mile with every 10th of a second being important.

As for a Jack there are to ways of thinking.
1 to change your tire.
2 to get unstuck.

A bottle jack under your axle is all you need to change a tire.
And a HI/lift is ideal for getting un-stuck but it takes up a lot of space to store.
You need a board to place under either one.
IBSP rules say 12"12"
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Old 02-23-2012, 01:36 AM
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Default Re: New Owner of Jeep Cherokee XJ (tires and jacks)

IMHO the OE tires will work fine on sand. Changing them out is up to you.

Jacks? Well I've been using various Jeeps on beaches from Mass to North Carolina for +40 years. Never been stuck, never! You're driving a Jeep, Jeep's don't get stuck unless you do something really, really, really, really super dumb.

Jack board: I always carried a piece of 5/4 fir. 12 inches wide by 30 inches long. Used it numerous times in the past 20 years to help pull out stuck Ford Explorers.
Bob D'Amico

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Old 02-23-2012, 03:37 AM
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Default Re: New Owner of Jeep Cherokee XJ (tires and jacks)

Originally Posted by Bob D'Amico View Post
. Used it numerous times in the past 20 years to help pull out stuck Ford Explorers.
That's ok, Ford and the rest of America have bailed out Jeep a couple of times too!
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Old 06-26-2012, 01:49 PM
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Default Re: New Owner of Jeep Cherokee XJ (tires and jacks)

Been running a mostly stock 00 XJ on the beaches now for close to four years and love it.
Running 31's on mine and have very little performance issues. On these vehicles with slightly larger tires the performance loss is more noted in the lower range. You shouldn't notice any performance issues going up one size from stock though. Keep in mind though you may throw your spedometer of a bit. The 31's I choose to run give a little more height which helps especially when airing down. Since you can't put a lift kit on a uni-framed vehicle, taller tires are the best option to gain more clearance.

Keep in mind the little I4 does run hot. It should run at about 210? normally. Just be sure that your cooling system is in good shape if running the beaches aired down in the summer. She will get hot!

The cheapie D35 rear will handle up to 31's just fine as long as you aren't trying to hill climb or do any serious off-roading. As has been stated, that little Jeep will do just fine on the beach as long as you air down and drive with common sense.

As long as you have a decent shovel and a board the little bottle jack will work. Again, drive with common sense and if you feel yourself beginning to slip, let off the gas and look over things before you bury it.
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Old 07-04-2012, 08:57 PM
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Default Re: New Owner of Jeep Cherokee XJ (tires and jacks)

I love XJ Cherokees! I've logged over 1,000,000 miles at the wheel of them.

If your gonna stay stock I have a suggestion.
Get the new General Grabber AT2 radial, in size 235x15 or pick up a set of 16" Xj ico. Wheels and run a 225x75x16. These tires are nearly identical in tread and rubber cpound to BFG ATko. You bone stock XJ would ride nicely on a 1.5" OmE lift kit!
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Old 07-05-2012, 11:13 AM
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Default Re: New Owner of Jeep Cherokee XJ (tires and jacks)

On that xj you will not fit tires with a aspect ratio larger than 245 without wheel spacers/trimming of the wheel well.

I run toyo open country AT's because they are 8 ply and I will not have to worry about sidewall rips from airing down. That said knowing you'll air down and technically increase the foot print of the tire buying anything wider than oem isn't gaining you that much more.

Also the posterwho said you can't lift that xj, that isn't true, do a google search, plenty of kits out there.
Jon Spencer
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