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Old 10-26-2006, 10:35 AM
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Default Re: Fishing with worms sucks

Worms do catch fish up here at PI/MA. So well they catch any fish coming by, even the ones as small as the back of your hand!

Like any bait, I use it to match the situation. Clams are another one of my favorites, and are absolutely deadly here at the right place and time (all of which shall forever remain secret).

Herring is another popular bait, and I have had great success with this one too, also depending on techique, time and location.

We pay a bit more up here for clams, since too many people just want to eat them, supply and demand jacks up the price I guess...... I buy fresh shucked whole clams when I can, and then salt them to toughen them up for casting. Just the necks with all the drippy stringy stuff just hanging can be a killer when drifted.......

If you are very lucky and can find them, try the "Purple" clams (another alien species of Asian origin infiltrating East Coast waters after having been imported to support to food trade, and then being illegally introduced). Similar to native surf clams, but a bit smaller, meatier, and they stay on the hook better, even when previously frozen. These are extremely deadly. Don't know if it is the smell or the color, but they outfish the regular surf clams 4 to 1. I only give this one up because you can't get them around here anymore!!!!
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Old 10-26-2006, 02:40 PM
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Default Re: Fishing with worms sucks


I have to figure out how to harvest/buy surf clams and ship them up to you guys! I could make a killing!
If you can find them, or a reasonable facsimilie, give them a shot. They are the "go to" bait here in Jersey, and if they work here, why not up your way? STAY AWAY FROM FROZEN!!! For some reason, worms dont do well here, except early spring, in the back bays and rivers. Maybe it's the fact that they are pricey, and most people using them in the spring are targeting winter flounder, instead of stripers.
Get away from the chowda pot and give the clams a try! You will probably be surprized...
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Old 10-26-2006, 07:06 PM
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Default Re: Fishing with worms sucks

Hey Rags, if you could get them here fast enough and cheap enough you would make a killing!
I usually fish one rod worms (guarenteed catch) one rod clams or macs and
plug when the bite is off.
OR plug when the bite is really on.
Like I said (and togue said) there are certain places where clams work great.
I tend to use them more when all I am catching is schoolies.
I forgo the worms for clams or just give up.
I think catching schoolies is fun in the spring after the long winter shut down but after a while it's just lots of work.
Nevermind going through a flat of worms in one night.
I don't mind catching the 22's to 26's but these 12 inch fish are a bummer.

BTW thanks togue for those worms ya gave me when I was stranded!
The clams didn't work that day!
I owe ya one buddy!
I know I don't have a ton of experience and I have a lot to learn, but I know a good thing when I see it.
I have lots of pics in my videos of some VERY big fish.
They were all taken on worms.
I am not ready to give up on worms when they catch 90% of my keeper fish.
Would you?
I think the main reason I like them so much is that you can float them.
I have not caught a skate or a dogfish in 2 years doing this.
Floating my bait just 24-30 inches off the bottom is less of a hassle.
Oh! This is really a hoot.
The other day I was just messing around and casting a kastmaster and I caught a seaworm!
I couldn't believe it when I reeled it in and saw it.
Hooked right through the mouth too.

Hubby told me to keep doing it and get us a flat. Ha ha!
Now blow me down.
Seaworms don't swim do they?
It was a totally different color than the worms we were using and very much alive.
Freaked me out.
Tossed it back out and caught a damn 15 inch fish.
So much for Karma and good luck.

One other really freaky thing happened to me and it made me think.
We were fishing lot 1 in July and I had to cut my hook.
It was a very dark night, no moon.
I was using my red LED head lamp and just reached for and grabbed the first hook I saw.
Never thought about it and put it on.
I get one of those strange hits.
Not quite a skate but not a striper hit either.
Finally a hook up.
I reel it in and in the pitch dark I lift up and say "Oh a flounder?"
Hubby says "Nope looks like a dab"
Goody! great eating fish!
I bend down to grab the leader and YIKES!!!!
It's a FLUKE!!!
Damn thing bit me!
I shine my light down and see these needle sharp long teeth!
Who could of figured.
Anyway, it swallowed the hook and when I went to take it out with my white light I realized I had grabbed one of my
RED Gamagatzu hooks with a 6 inch leader.
Could not see that it was a red hook with my red light.
That was the night I learned that leader size makes a difference.
I fished one short and one long from that night on.

But the most important thing to remember is what Tattoo said.
We all fish different ways.
As long as we are happy and having fun, who cares?
I am a happy go lucky type, togue is methodic and consistant Tattoo is on a mission.
We are all psyched to be out there.
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