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Old 06-17-2008, 11:50 AM
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Thumbs down The Mets Circus

1: I am a Yankees fan
2: I am also a Mets fan, I became a bigger Mets fan when Randolph became the manager.
3: Head to head I root for the Yankees but.... I am first and foremost a baseball fan.

Last night I watched the Phillies whoop on the Sox. Bartolo Colon pitching in that ballpark was difficult to watch even though I'm a Yankees fan. Then I watched the late game, the Mets really put it to the Angels. They played great baseball, Reyes started the game by scoring a run without a single hit.

This morning I hear on the news of the midnight executions of Willie Randolph, Rick Peterson and Tom Nieto.

New York baseball has always been a circus, the Yankees termination of Joe Torre last fall was totally classless. The way they treated Berra was even worse. There has always been a senior management rivalry between the Yankees and the Mets. One is always trying to out do the other. Last night, the Mets took the crown as the most classless organization.

I am not alone in my thoughts, here is just a few paragraphs of Buster Olney's blog on ESPN.com. Randolph victim of Mets' Circus
Even the writers of "The Sopranos" could not have invented a more recklessly handled hit. The process really started after last season's collapse, when Minaya -- who came to the Mets having been promised full autonomy and, for more than a year, has had all the power of a marionette -- first regressed into lawyer-speak. "Willie is the manager," Minaya said over and over, as if repeating the phrase would somehow give the crafted but flimsy words backbone and fool anyone into thinking that Randolph wasn't one really bad day away from being fired.

When the Mets sputtered in April, the backstabbing began, with Randolph being undermined along the way. Words of Randolph's honest player evaluations in those staff meetings somehow made their way to the ears of players. That left the manager in a brutal position of trying to draw performance out of veterans who heard that behind closed doors the manager wasn't so sure if they had the right stuff anymore. Some on-field staff members doubted whether they could trust the front office.

And when the losing continued, the front-office leaks to the newspapers became rivers of rip-jobs, the leakers inoculated by the fact that they fired first. It's better to blame the manager and his coaches, after all, than to take responsibility. But even after Randolph's demise became a fait accompli, which was sometime in the last days of May, the decision-makers stopped focusing on the change itself and started becoming concerned about properly scripting his firing.
Fortunately for me I get both the YES Network and SNY on my cable plus I subscribe to MLB Extra Innings, I can watch any game I want. I won't be watching the circus in Queens.
Bob D'Amico

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Old 06-17-2008, 08:31 PM
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Default Re: The Mets Circus

Yeah they should have treated Willie better...I mean look at those 4 titles and 6 pennants at Shea...oh wait, nevermind.
Perhaps the greater hubris of man is that we can keep the status quo of Earth's environment, not that we can change it.

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Old 06-19-2008, 10:00 PM
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Default Re: The Mets Circus

I don't know if it was an intentional move or not, but the way the Mets did it took all of the attention away from Willie being fired and put it on the way it was done.
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