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Old 07-23-2019, 01:23 PM
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Default Quick 'thank you' for this site and a shout-out to Google Earth

I very, very, seldom post here. I'm a Chicagoan who gets about a week or two every other year to surf fish (Nantucket). Since my time in the salt is limited, I use this site to gather tips from you (the pros) and have learned a great deal over the years.

I was able to put some of the advice here into action last week and the results were outstanding. Fishing Nantucket right now is a little tricky since Smith Point and Great Point - two of the prime fishing spots - are both closed due to nesting birds and/or seals. Most of the rest of the island is just sandy beaches without any really clear structure or discernible currents/rips to fish.

We were having great luck with bluefish but bass were hard to find and the few we caught were schoolies. My brother in law and I were fishing a stretch of beach during the our last day on the island and another fisherman pulled up his truck along side us to see how it was going. I told him that it was dead. He was a local so I wasn't expecting him to share much 'actionable intel' but he got out of his truck and gave us a rough location of where we should find fish. It wasn't an exact location - more along the lines of 'park here and walk'. Since we'd be going at night, I wasn't all that confident we'd find this small rip he was referring to. So I pulled up Google Earth and started looking in the general vicinity of this area and low and behold, I could see a rip! Actually, I don't know if I'd consider it a rip - more of a trough. So I dropped a pin and as we stumbled about in the dark, we walked to that location and you could see where the waves were breaking a hundred or so yards out with much deeper water closer to shore. The next hour or so yielded about 25 bass between the two of us with probably a dozen keepers (which we released) and the rest being very close. Most were in the 10-12 lb range. I was fishing with my new Tsunami Airwave Elite (9' 6") which is pretty light so even if we didn't catch any trophy fish, it was an absolute blast. I tried all sorts of different lures - bombers, sluggos, metals (Deadly Dicks, Hopkins, etc.) - and discovered that there was a huge difference in terms of success. The bass ignored metals, my $25 Sebile Magic Swimmer, bombers, poppers, and sluggos, but went crazy for a mother of pearl SP Minnow which was sort of odd since it was night without much moonlight. Experimenting paid off and it was a great lesson. In years past, I may have tried 2-3 different lures and if I didn't have any luck, I'd concluded there were no fish.

Anyway, for those that share their knowledge about tackle, knots, 'reading the beach', etc., I wanted to say thanks. See you in 2021!
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Old 07-23-2019, 04:04 PM
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Default Re: Quick 'thank you' for this site and a shout-out to Google Earth

great report, Max... thanks for sharing!
-- Rob Switzer
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Old 07-24-2019, 03:07 PM
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Default Re: Quick 'thank you' for this site and a shout-out to Google Earth

Originally Posted by RobS View Post
great report, Max... thanks for sharing!
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